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Sharing knowledge, inspiring action, cultivating change

From May 13 to 17 2019, more than 300 global leaders gathered in Lima and
the Peruvian Amazon for a unique learning and networking experience,
putting sustainability at the heart of commodity supply chains.

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After a high-level session in Lima attended by the President of Peru, Martín Vizcarra, delegates journeyed to the Peruvian Amazon for an in-person learning experience over four days of immersion in the San Martín region. There, practitioners had the opportunity to experience life in the rainforest, participate in sustainability workshops and dialogue, interact with fellow commodity practitioners from all over the world, meet local community and indigenous leaders, and share skills as well as expertise with peers.

Surrounded by one of the world’s most important ecosystems, delegates from all over the world focused on innovative ways to transform the agricultural commodities sector – a contributor to poverty reduction while also a driver of deforestation and biodiversity loss – towards a more sustainable model.

Many sustainability conferences spend most of their time in a city hotel and take a quick trip into the field: the Good Growth Conference reversed this with four days in the field and one in a hotel.

Watch the highlights video for a glimpse into this uniquely designed week-long event.

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Good Growth Conference field visits?

Watch the story of Mary Elizabeth, a cocoa farmer who fell in love with Chazuta and became one of the only female leaders in the sustainable cocoa industry in Peru.

The Good Growth Conference
from the journalists’ perspective

We brought 8 experienced sustainability journalists from around the world for a
two-day workshop in Lima and invited them to attend the Good Growth Conference.
Learn more about how they felt about their journey to the Peruvian Amazon.

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Good Growth Conference
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We are going to work in alliance to fight climate change and take care of the environment. Together. […] After taking part in this week-long event, organized by the United Nations, I can see that this Conference was necessary.”

Martín Vizcarra,
President of Peru, during his
speech in Chazuta.

Real, tangible benefits were achieved in the country because of the number of global and local stakeholders that gathered in the region of San Martin.”

James Leslie,
Technical Advisor Ecosystems and Climate Change. UNDP Peru.

Today made me think differently about the work we do at GEF.”

Gustavo Fonseca,
Director of Programs at the Global Environment Facility, in his closing words of the high-level event on Monday.

Nothing beats on-site learning visits to motivate solution-based journalism. […] I will now approach a story by first looking at it through the lenses of a number of different perspectives.”

Bhimanto Suwastoyo,
Chief Editor at The Palm Scribe.


The Good Growth Conference is an immersive learning experience, which brings policymakers, producers, local communities, companies, development practitioners and conservationists to the frontiers of agriculture and deforestation, in some of the world’s most important ecosystems and landscapes.

Co-designed and convened by the Good Growth Partnership to inspire new understandings and foster meaningful global connections, this one of a kind gathering equips delegates with the network and tools needed to influence the way we produce, finance and demand agricultural commodities.

The 2019 edition was held in Lima and the Peruvian Amazon. The 2021 edition took over a hundred carefully selected changemakers on a unique virtual learning journey to build skills, connect and learn together through a select and customized training programme from top-tier organizations to create systems change for sustainable commodity supply chains.

Join the Food & Agricultural Commodity Systems Community, online and in real life

The Good Growth Conference is the face-to-face manifestation of the Food & Agricultural Commodity Systems Community (formerly known as Green Commodities Community), a global knowledge sharing initiative which provides a safe space where practitioners shape, share and learn the progressive practices and innovative solutions which will transform food and agricultural commodity systems.

With 440+ members from 32 countries working on 10 food and agricultural commodities, the Community serves first and foremost the dialogue and learning needs of its members. Practitioners especially value the variety of membership services we offer, namely learning & developing capacities, networking & sharing lessons and supporting with engaging their stakeholders.

Contact the Community Team,, to find out how you can become a member, and visit for more information about our incredible community of practice.

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