We are working with governments
to bring business, farmers, conservationists and other stakeholders together for

action that supports sustainable commodity production and good growth.

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We are working to incentivize sustainable finance, making it less risky and more accessible for responsible businesses, farmers and producers.



We are helping to raise awareness, improve transparency and strengthen demand for sustainably produced beef, palm oil and soy.


The Good Growth Partnership works across numerous initiatives and with hundreds of actors in government, farming, conservation, finance and business to put sustainability at the heart of global commodity supply chains.https://www.traditionrolex.com/37

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Reducing Deforestation from the Soy Supply Chain: the Story of the Good Growth Partnership

Transformation requires different types of interventions across multiple levels, sectors, and issues simultaneously, addressing supply systems, not just supply chains. That's what the Good Growth Partnership (GGP) and our Integrated Approach have been doing. Building a business case for rehabilitation of degraded land in the Cerrado in order to encourage farmers and companies to expand soy cultivation over degraded land instead of clearing native vegetation has been a key achievement of the GGP.

Policy Reform for Forest Positive Agriculture in Indonesia: the Impact of the Good Growth Partnership

One of the most essential building blocks of sustainable agricultural commodities production lies in policy reform. If the policy environment for valuing and protecting natural ecosystems is weak – or if it is not well enforced – then producers will find few impediments to expanding their agricultural activities into forests, peatlands, and wetlands. The UNDP through GGP hopes to provide essential support and facilitation in this next phase of transitioning to sustainable palm oil production.Please help us to continue this important work.

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