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Good Growth Conference 2021

An Interactive Virtual Experience

Empowering people to lead transformational change within themselves, their
organisations and the system around them
to build a future we all want to live in.

Part I
May 24 – 26

A learning Journey of System, Community, and Individual
Transformation for Sustainable Commodity Supply Chains

Part II
May 27 – 28

Good Growth Partnership Learning Session
– Thinking Back and Beyond

From May 24 – 26, over a hundred changemakers in the Food & Agricultural Commodity Systems Community (formerly known as Green Commodities Community) took part in an immersive learning experience of System, Community, and Individual Transformation for Sustainable Commodity Supply Chains with a select curriculum of trainings by top-level experts and inspiring personal development and community building sessions. All adapted to different time-zones and interests.

Learning about the three approaches to systems change:

From May 27 – 28, the changemakers behind the Good Growth Partnership had the opportunity to reflect together on over four years of putting sustainability at the heart of commodity supply chains, celebrating successes, and capturing lessons learned so far. Together they collected and grew the seeds of the Partnership of the future.

Watch the highlights video of the Good Growth Conference 2021

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Meet the World-Class Trainers

Leading the trainings on Systems Practice

Malika Virah-Sawmy, Sensemakers Collective

Dr Malika Virah-Sawmy is a system thinking expert and facilitator who integrates various state-of-the-art facilitation approaches to enable embodied, emotional, and cognitive intelligence for collective transformation processes.

Russell Gaskin, CoCreative

Russell Gaskin is the Managing Director of CoCreative, a consultant, trainer, and strategist with an exceptional ability to distil complex issues into practical solutions and lead the co-design of effective systems change strategiesy with diverse stakeholders.

CoCreative specializes in developing multi-stakeholder “collective impact” networks to solve complex problems by working in a range of sectors – from education, food and agriculture, consumer products, social services, public policy, to international development.

Leading the trainings
on Collaborative
Partnerships &

Leading the trainings on Working with Power & Conflict

Elise Willer, Journey Thru Conflict

Elise Willer is the Founder of Journey Thru Conflict, an international conflict management professional and a certified mediator. She has designed and delivered highly customized training programs for Fortune 500 companies, international institutions, as well as a range of small NGOs.

Jane Weber, Leadership Coefficient

EJane Weber is the Founder and Director of Leadership Coefficient, an experienced facilitator, and a certified professional coach. Jane has developed a broad body of highly innovative and leading-edge work focused on bringing a systems approach to leadership.

Leadership Coefficient is a leadership development consultancy offering guidance, training and coaching in the areas of cultural change, leadership development, organisational transformation, change management and professional growth.

Leading the trainings on Systems Leadership

Leading the Personal Development Practice

Ben Elers, Unconscious Innovation

Ben Elers is the Founder of Unconscious Innovation, a consultant and trainer specializing in helping people, companies, and organizations to unlock their unconscious power, tapping into their vast internal resources to bring about real innovation and change.

Watch the Good Growth Conference 2021 High-Level Conversations


Enjoy the recordings of the three open sessions with high-level representatives from government, private sector, financial institutions, NGOs, farmer associations and more.

What is needed for sustainable transformation in commodity supply chains?

Insights and solutions on Paraguayan beef and Brazilian soy production

Moderated by: Alfonso Fernández de Castro, Deputy Resident Representative, UNDP Paraguay



  • Graciela Miret, Director of Strategic Planning at the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Paraguay
  • Carlos Passerieu, Agricultural Engineer, Commercial and Financial Manager at Palmeiras and Chair of the Agricultural Producers Association for a Sustainable Chaco
  • Patricia Sugui, Sustainability Manager at CJ Selecta in Brazil
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Insights and solutions on Indonesian and Liberian palm oil production

Moderated by: Norimasa Shimomura, UNDP Resident Representative, UNDP Indonesia



  • Desi Kusumadewi, Head of Sustainability at IFFCO Group in Indonesia
  • Franklin Jackson, Executive Director of the Association of Liberian Palm Oil Farmers
  • Robert K. Fagans, Deputy Minister for Planning and Development at the Ministry of Agriculture of Liberia
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How the integrated supply chain approach can help achieve systems change

Good Growth Conference 2021 Finale

Moderated by: Simon Cooper, UNDP Food and Agricultural Commodity Systems Communications Lead



  • Carlos Manuel Rodríguez, Chief Executive Officer and Chairperson of the Global Environment Facility
  • M. Sanjayan, Chief Executive Officer at Conservation International
  • Nik Sekhran, Chief Conservation Officer at World Wildlife Fund
  • Tania Lozansky, Senior Manager of Advisory for Manufacturing, Agribusiness and Services at the International Finance Corporation
  • Eric Usher, Head of UN Environment Finance Initiative
  • Ulrika Modeer, Assistant Secretary General and& Director of Bureau of External Relations & Advocacy at the United Nations Development Programme
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Why Learning about Systems Change?

Creating a sustainable food and agricultural system is one of the most critical challenges that we face. The world needs to embark on a major transition to build a sustainable future. We have the technical capacity and the technology to do so, but we are lacking the collaborative mindset and set of values required for this transformation. To create a common future for humanity and the living planet, we must embrace the complexity of pursuing systemic changes, and move beyond a focus on the ‘what’ of change and get better at the ‘how’ of change.

The paradox is that systemic change involves transformation ‘en masse’, but within that mass population individual practitioners must be equipped with the skills and approaches that will enable them to change as individuals in support of the wider change.

Join a Wide Network of Commodity Practitioners

The Good Growth Conference is the biannual gathering of the Food & Agricultural Commodity Systems Community, a global knowledge sharing initiative which supports global change makers, sector specialists, local leaders and project practitioners from government, business, international organizations, and civil societyto shape, share and learn progressive practices and innovative solutions which will transform food and agricultural commodity.

With 440+ members from around the world meeting both in sophisticated online spaces and in real life, the Food & Agricultural Commodity Systems Community serves first and foremost the dialogue and learning needs of its members. Practitioners especially value the opportunity to connect with other experts around the world, alongside the rich content of online workshops and comprehensive guidance materials.

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The Good Growth Conference is an immersive learning experience celebrated every 18 months which brings policymakers, producers, local communities, companies, development practitioners and conservationists to the frontiers of agriculture and deforestation.

The 2021 edition of the Good Growth Conference took over a hundred carefully selected changemakers on a unique learning journey to build skills, connect and learn together through a select and customized training programme from top-tier organizations to create systems change for sustainable commodity supply chains.

Co-designed and convened by the Good Growth Partnership with funding from the Global Environment Facility and the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic affairs to inspire new understandings and foster meaningful global connections, this one of a kind gathering equips delegates with the network and tools needed to influence the way we produce, finance and demand agricultural commodities.

The 2019 edition was held in Lima and the Peruvian Amazon.
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