The Soy, Beef and Palm Oil Toolkits: Supporting Companies to Source Responsibly

Demanding that companies have strong commitments to source soy responsibly isn’t enough, if companies don’t have the capacity to implement it through their supply chains. A blog written by Jane Lino, Deputy Director at Proforest.

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Good Growth Conference 2021: Moving from defense to offense in changing systems for sustainable commodity supply chains

The 2021 edition of the Good Growth Conference virtually took place  from May 24 to 28, bringing together over a hundred of change makers to learn about System, Community, and Individual Transformation for Sustainable Commodity Supply Chains.

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Why the Integrated Supply Chain Approach from the Good Growth Partnership is a Food Systems Game-Changer

Good Growth Partnership Global Project Manager Pascale Bonzom addressed the Danish National Summit Dialogue and explained how GGP’s Integrated Approach would be a game-changer in meeting food systems challenges, particularly in deforestation-free value chains.

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Sustainable livestock can stimulate conservation, facilitate governance, and alleviate poverty in Latin America

How sustainable livestock systems have the potential to support countries in the reduction of environmental conflicts, the promotion of the conservation of ecosystems and the generation of economic benefits for families.

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