Four dimensional systems change

Reducing deforestation in commodities production has been the focus of numerous initiatives and approaches for decades. Yet, year on year, net forest loss continues. Through decades of experience, UNDP has developed a deep understanding of how achieving system-level change requires diverse stakeholders to align, collaborate, and collectively learn, innovate, and act in a changing environment. Multi-stakeholder collaboration for systemic change provides a framework for future progress in commodities. This report examines levers that offer opportunities for systemic transformation in four key dimensions:

  1. Increasing cohesion between levels of governance and action– The vertical axis
  2. Strengthening horizontal dialogue between actors– The horizontal component
  3. Increasing government capacity for synergistic alignment– The “fuel” for the system
  4. Integrating and diversifying flows of resources and incentives– Reducing the “friction” in the system by better alignment and action towards systemic solutions.
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