Targeted scenario analysis

The Targeted Scenario Analysis (TSA) is an innovative approach providing focused direction towards specific sustainable development policy and investment choices for public or private sector actors. It presents the value and the contribution of ecosystem services to sectorial development within a decision-making framework, helping make the business case for sustainable policy and investment choices. TSA has three pillars:

  • Targeted: Within a multistakeholder participatory process, TSA helps decision makers and stakeholders target a critical decision to be made at a policy or management level, which involves a change on how ecosystem services are managed, and improvements in sustainable development outcomes.
  • Scenario: It does this by developing and contrasting two future scenarios – Business as Usual vs. Sustainable Ecosystem Management – that link changes to biophysical and socio-economic indicators as the scenarios develop.
  • Analysis: It presents an analysis of selected sustainable development indicators into the future.
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