Year one: highlights from the Good Growth Partnership

By: Andrew Bovarnick

October 8, 2018. For nearly 10 years the UNDP’s Green Commodities Programme has worked in partnership with countries, acting as a bridge between national governments and global commodity supply chains. While we have made considerable headway, we know that alone it will not be enough to achieve the holistic shift needed to transform commodity sectors and reduce deforestation.

Therefore, it has been an honour for me to lead the Good Growth Partnership from concept and design into reality. Since its launch in 2017, the Partnership has built on the foundations and unique strengths of the United Nations Development Programme, Conservation International, World Wildlife Fund, UN Environment and the International Finance Corporation, with the vision and support of the Global Environment Facility, to accelerate systemic change throughout a number of important commodity supply chains.

Although we are only one year into project implementation, significant gains and impacts have already been observed, which I have the pleasure of sharing with you in the Good Growth Partnership Highlights Report we release today.

This progress is especially evident in our partner countries and in the landscapes at the front lines of deforestation and ‘good growth’. To date we have identified more than 1 million hectares of high conservation value forest, which we aim to conserve in partnership with government and other stakeholders over the coming years.

Meanwhile, critical steps to empower national governments and support the strengthening of legal frameworks, which enable the cultivation of sustainable commodities, are well underway.

Aligning the visions and work plans of the founding agencies, more than ten executing organizations, a multitude of government ministries and our extensive network of private sector partners was an ambitious challenge. It has required significant organization and effort and I am proud to say that we now enter year two as an integrated force of committed collaborators.

I’d like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your support as we scale-up and strengthen our efforts for a sustainable planet.

Andrew Bovarnick
Global Head of the UNDP’s Green Commodities Programme
Director of the Good Growth Partnership