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The Indonesia National Action Plan on Sustainable Palm Oil: a UNDP Impact Story

One of the most essential building blocks of sustainable agricultural commodities production lies in policy reform. If the policy environment for valuing and protecting natural ecosystems is weak – or if it is not well enforced – then producers will find few impediments to expanding their agricultural activities into forests, peatlands, and wetlands. The UNDP through GGP hopes to provide essential support and facilitation in this next phase of transitioning to sustainable palm oil production.Please help us to continue this important work.

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A New Value Beyond Value Chains Toolkit to Inspire and Help Businesses to Contribute to Food Systems Transformation

As the World Bank Commodity Markets Outlook states, food insecurity and inflation will continue at least until 2024. Record high prices impacting on hunger and malnutrition are some of the signs highlighting the need for the urgent transformation of food systems that the UNDP Good Growth Partnership (GGP) has advocated for in the last half decade. Many lessons can be extracted from the 5-year implementation of the Partnership. One of the most important is that collaboration between businesses and government is the only path forward to generate change in the long-term.

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How can we accelerate Food Systems Transformation?

We urgently need systemic change in commodity supply chains if we are to mitigate the combined threats of catastrophic climate change, biodiversity loss and food insecurity. Now, a new report on the Good Growth Partnership Integrated Approach reveals that the four and a half-year programme has had real impact in laying the foundations for systemic change in palm oil, beef and soy supply chains, in partnership with four major producer countries: Indonesia, Brazil, Paraguay and Liberia.

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