Commitments in-Country: Companies, Cattle & Commitments that Count in Paraguay

Through this report, Supply Change analyzed the state of corporate reporting on commitments addressing deforestation risk in cattle supply chains in Paraguay. Drawing on publicly available data from the International Finance Corporation, and the existing Supply Change dataset of more than 850 companies, the Supply Change team tracked 81 companies that were believed to produce and/or procure cattle products (beef, dairy, leather, etc.) from Paraguay based on reporting collected during the period from July to October of 2018. Based on this analysis, Supply Change identified two parallel trends with the potential to motivate the Paraguayan government to improve the regulation and enforcement of its forest protection policies: first, Paraguay’s exports to countries with more robust import requirements for cattle traceability and environmental standards are growing; and second, the number of corporate commitments to reduce deforestation in their cattle supply chains is increasing.

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