Commitments in-Country: Companies, Palm & Commitments that Count in Indonesia

Forest Trends´ Supply Change and the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative teamed up to examine the state of corporate reporting on deforestation linked to palm oil production in Indonesia. For this report, Supply Change tracked 108 companies that are believed to produce and/or source palm products from Indonesia. For each company, the team gathered more than 200 metrics and reviewed public documents from a variety of channels, managed either directly by the company or by external parties for companies with commitments to addressing deforestation in supply chains. Through identifying trends in corporate reporting around management practices, supplier selection, and other important factors, this report can provide context for investors around financial decision-making regarding the 108 companies and others involved in Indonesian palm oil supply chains. A list of relevant initiatives at the end of the report can provide support to companies and financial institutions interested in engaging further on these issues.

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